• Global Residency & Investment Solutions

    Permanent Residency in Australia through business

    and investment for high net worth individuals

    Secure your future with high yield investment options

    Lifetime PR for you and your family through property investment

    Citizens enjoy the freedom to live, work and travel anywhere in the EU

    Own a holiday home on Thailand's most exotic, untouched beaches

NPI Group Relationships Matter.

Who We Are

NPI Group specialises in property investment services with access to exclusive new development projects across the UK, Europe, Australia and Thailand. Offering multiple benefits such as appreciation in value, generating high rental returns, holiday homes in exotic locations and safeguarding net worth.

Our team are respected professionals, energised by the relationships they’ve built over decades in the industry. Their extraordinary knowledge, capacity for innovation and enthusiasm to share information is what defines NPI Group.


What We Do

Residency & Citizenship

We provide impeccable service for the increasing number of Indian business owners and investors wanting Residency and Citizenship in Australia and Europe.

International Properties

We offer an exclusive buying service for our Indian clients. Whether a holiday home or an education base to secure financial freedom for your children settling abroad we assist you to purchase the right property for your needs.

Capital Investment

We provide end to end solutions for investors - join a diverse group of International investors united by their need for a reliable model that provides above average returns on investment in well performing international markets.